ITSPA Welcomes Openreach Separation

ITSPA voiced its satisfaction surrounding Ofcom’s announcement that it is proceeding with the legal separation of Openreach from BT. However, it did stress that full structural separation should remain as a potential option, should the necessary performance improvements within Openreach not materialise.

ITSPA launches IP PBX Security Guide

ITSPA launched its latest best practice guide on security recommendations when setting up an IP PBX. The document, ‘Recommendations for secure deployment of an IP-PBX’ outlines configuration measures that should be implemented on an IP-PBX installed in customer’s premises as well as the support that service providers can give to assist in the identification and avoidance of attack.

ITSPA Welcomes Cyber Security Strategy but calls for greater focus on telecommunications fraud

ITSPA, the voice of the next generation communications industry in the UK, today welcomed the publication of the Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy and the £1.9 billion of financial support that will underpin the plan. However, ITSPA called for the Government to provide further details on its plans to combat telephony fraud in order to protect both businesses and consumers.

Regulatory Checklist and Operations Starter Pack Launched!

New members joining ITSPA will be sent both packs upon their registration and both documents will also be updated regularly and recirculated to members to ensure that members are kept up to speed with any changes to regulatory requirements and other developments.

ITSPA Welcomes Ofcom Openreach Proposals

ITSPA welcomed Ofcom’s proposals for an increasingly independent Openreach, but called for further focus on measures to ensure Openreach’s performance improves to a level that the communications industry and the UK needs.

ITSPA Welcomes ONS Fraud Report

ITSPA welcomed the awareness raised by the Office for National Statistics on the enormous scale of fraud and cyber-crime in the UK.
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