Meeting Calendar

 10th August, 11am  Operations Working Group Call
 23rd August, 3pm  Industry Developments Group Call
 11th September. 6.30pm  ITSPA Dinner at Channel Live, Birmingham
 20th September, 2pm  ITSPA Council Meeting
 27th September, 2pm  Operations Working Group Call
 28th September, 2pm  Promotions Working Group Call
 17th October, 6.30pm  ITSPA/Cavell Group Dinner
 18th October, 4pm  Industry Developments Group Call
 9th November, 2pm  Operations Working Group Call
 22nd November, 2pm  ITSPA Council Meeting
 29th November, 4pm  Industry Developments Working Group Call
 6th December, 1pm  ITSPA Christmas Lunch

ITSPA members can join these calls and meetings, if you need more information please contact ITSPA Team at

Next Event

ITSPA Curry Club @


ITSPA will host a curry dinner on the first night of the Channel Live in Birmingham on 11th September.



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Latest News

23rd July 2018

ITSPA welcomes Government drive for full fibre rollout but adds caution to current plans for PSTN switch off

ITSPA welcomed the announcement of the Government’s Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review (FTIR) but highlighted some concerns around the current plans to switch off the PSTN, which forms part of its strategy.


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