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ITSPA aspires to represent the best in the VoIP industry and we are keen to ensure that consumers are aware that ITSPA members are reputable companies that can be trusted and that the industry strives for excellence both in service reliability and customer satisfaction. All full ITSPA members must abide by version 4.0 of the ITSPA Code of Practice. Should ITSPA receive a complaint regarding one of its members, ITSPA will follow its documented complaints procedure, which ultimately could trigger expulsion.

Further to this, the ITSPA Council felt it would be useful (both for consumers and the membership) for individual ITSPA members who actively promote best practice, to be duly recognised for their efforts. It is with this in mind that the idea of an ITSPA Quality Mark has been put forward as a suitable way of recognising those that go that extra mile. This Quality Mark would only be available to ITSPA members and would not be a guarantee of membership. Members would have to formally self-certify themselves on an annual basis to apply for the ITSPA Quality Mark. The criteria required to gain the ITSPA Quality Mark will be reviewed each year. The ITSPA Council will also follow a complaints procedure, should a member’s compliance with the Quality Mark criteria be questioned. This could result in the Quality Mark being withdrawn from the member company should they be in breach of the criteria.

Eli Katz, the Chair of ITSPA said “We are delighted to launch this enhanced version of the Quality Mark, which will help customers identify providers who go above and beyond current best practice to ensure a reliable and trusted service. We have made significant changes to the requirements of the original Quality Mark, which reflect the maturing nature of the next generation communications industry. These changes have involved extensive consultation with members to ensure the new requirements remain an effective tool for driving up standards as well as being a meaningful accreditation to apply for. Congratulations to the first five companies and I look forward to many more ITSPA members applying in the months to come.”

There have been significant developments across the industry since the Quality Mark’s original launch back in 2009 and it was felt that an overhaul was needed to ensure that it remains fit, robust and valuable for members. The prime focus of the Quality Mark, is to ensure that consumer or business customers of the certified Service Providers can be assured of a quality and reliable service.

The new Quality Mark, which members can apply for, now has the following requirements:

    1. Adherence to the ITSPA Code of Practice and Best Practice Guidance documents
    2. Evidence that their platform design is resilient and that they deliver a reliable service, which will be measured by ITSPA as 99.99% availability between 8am & 8pm Monday-Friday, using the VoIP Spear monitoring platform.
    3. Transparent porting arrangements
    4. Active fraud control measures
    5. Evidence of access to the emergency services
    6. Easy to find information on complaints & dispute resolution
    7. Policies in place for Nuisance Calls & CLI Presentation
    8. Evidence of Data Protection & Retention Compliance
    9. Evidence of their Single Point of Contact showing that there is an easy way to contact the member with issues arising

Eight companies currently hold the Quality Mark. These are:

Please find the Quality Mark application form here.  The document also contains some guidance notes to completing the form. They can also be found here. If you have any questions, do please contact the Secretariat.



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