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December 2017 - ITSPA Encryption Paper

VoIP, like all other services that use the internet, requires protection from unauthorised use and intrusion. This paper discusses the pros and cons of using encryption to protect:

  1. the voice media ie the actual conversation between the parties making the call
  2. the signalling ie the information used to set-up, manage and end calls

The use and need for encryption in VoIP based telephony using the public Internet is intuitively obvious and for some users it is required to protect the sensitive content of the voice communications (e.g. PCI compliance).

This document aims to provide an ITSPA member with a balanced view of the pros and cons of encryption and an understanding of the approach and challenges involved with providing encrypted services over real time protocols. The document will also provide an overview of the encryption technologies available and how they might operate in an ITSP environment.

The full document is available on the  members area here. If you are a non-member and wish to discuss the details of this document, please contact the ITSPA Secretariat.

May 2017 - Recommendations for Provisioning Security - Version 2

November 2016 - Recommendations for secure deployment of an IP-PBX-Version 3

January 2007 -  Porting between ITSPA members

May 2006 - Emergency Services - Technical Issues, Potential Solutions and Benefits

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Recommendations for Resilience Guidance Launched

5th December 2019

The ITSPA Operations Group (our working group focused on standards, technical issues and best practice initiatives) has published the “Recommendations for ITSP Resilience” guidance document.

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