OFCOM Consultations

20/06/19 - ITSPA Response to Ofcom consultation on Promoting Trust in Telephone Numbers
20/06/19 - ITSPA Response to Ofcom consultation on the future of telephone numbers
06/06/19 - ITSPA Response to Ofcom consultation on future of interconnection and call termination
08/02/19 - ITSPA Response to Ofcom Consultation on end-of contract and annual best tariff notifications
04/02/19 - ITSPA Response to Ofcom Physical Infrastructure Market Review
09/10/18 – ITSPA Response to Ofcom Consultation on end-of-contract and out-of-contract notifications
12/07/18 - ITSPA Response to Ofcom Consultation on Proposals for Guidance on General Condition A3.2(b)
09/02/18– ITSPA Response to Ofcom consultation on Proposed Annual Plan 2018/19
05/06/17 - ITSPA Response to Ofcom Consultation on Automatic Compensation
12/04/17 - ITSPA Response to Ofcom Consultation on Delivering a more independent Openreach
14/03/17 - ITSPA Response to Ofcom Consultation on the Review of the General Conditions of Entitlement
06/02/17 - ITSPA Response to Ofcom Spectrum Consultation
14/12/16 – ITSPA Response to Ofcom Consultation on ‘Promoting efficient use of geographic telephone numbers’
26/10/16 – ITSPA Response to Ofcom Cross-Platform Switching Consultation
10/10/16 – ITSPA Response to Ofcom Consultation on the General Conditions relating to network functioning, public payphones, directory information and numbering
18/07/16 – ITSPA Response to Ofcom Call for Inputs on Automatic Compensation
23/02/16 – ITSPA Response to Ofcom Annual Plan
15/10/15 - ITSPA Response to Ofcom's Strategic Review of Digital Communications Discussion Document
05/10/2015 - Number portability - Issues of Concern, ITSPA letter to Ofcom
07/11/2014 - ITSPA Response to Ofcom's 'Review of how we use our persistent misuse powers -
Focus on silent and abandoned calls' Consultation
- ITSPA Response to Ofcom's consultation surrounding the 03 Number Range - revenue sharing
01/05/14 - ITSPA Response to Ofcom's consultation surrounding porting charges under General Condition 18
09/07/13 - Response to Accreditation Scheme for Price Calculators: A review of the Scheme consultation
02/04/13 - Review of the fixed narrowband services market
- Narrowband Market Review - Consultation on possible approaches to cost modelling for the NCC period 2013-2016
02/07/12 - Response to further consultation on the Simplifying of Non-geographic Telephone Numbers
29/06/12 - Response to the call for Inputs on the Fixed Narrowband Market Review and Network Charge Control
17/02/12 - Response to Ofcom's Draft Annual Plan
23/11/11 - Statement and further consultation on geographic telephone numbers
- Changes to General Conditions and Universal Service Conditions
- Simplifying Non-Geographic Telephone Numbers
18/02/11 - Geographic Telephone Numbers
26/11/10 - Strategic Review of Consumer Switching
26/11/10 - Fair and reasonable charges for fixed geographic call termination
10/09/10 - Traffic management and “Network Neutrality”
24/09/09 - Next Generation Networks: Responding to recent developments to protect consumers, promote effective
competition and secure efficient investment
06/06/08 - Initial assessments of when to adopt self-or co-regulation
20/09/07 - Access to the Emergency Services
10/09/07 - Arrangements for Porting Numbers when customers switch suppliers
26/01/07 - Number Portability
15/08/06 - End-to-end Connectivity
25/05/06 - Telephone Numbering - Safeguarding the future of numbers
10/05/06 - Regulation of VoIP Services
18/04/06 - Ofcom’s Consumer Policy
10/02/06 - Ofcom Draft Annual Plan 2006-2007
15/12/05 - Number Portability and Technology Neutrality
12/08/05 - Next Generation Networks: Further Consultation
12/08/05 - Consultation on BT’s Undertakings in lieu of an Enterprise Act reference
(Strategic Review of Telecommunications: phase 3)
09/06/05 - Draft Determination to resolve a dispute between BT and Vodafone about geographic number portability
21/03/05 - Review of Universal Services
18/03/05 - Conserving Geographic Numbers
11/02/05 - Valuing BT’s Copper Access Network
03/02/05 - Strategic Review of Telecommunications (Phase 2)
13/01/05 - Next Generation Networks: Future arrangements for access & interconnection
15/11/04 - Consultation on New Voice Services
04/11/04 - An Assessment of Alternative Solutions for UK Number Portability
02/05/04 - Numbering Arrangements for Voice over Broadband Services (second response)
24/03/04 - Numbering Arrangements for Voice over Broadband Services

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2020 ITSPA Awards Finalists Announced

13th March 2020

ITSPA has announced the finalists of the 12th annual ITSPA Awards today. The Awards, which are sponsored by Magrathea, recognise achievement within the VoIP and Unified Communications industry and this year saw a record number of entries from across the sector.

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