ITSPA Awards 2016


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16 November 2015: ITSPA Awards 2016 launch – testing registration begins

11 December 2015: Deadline to enter the Testing Phase

18 March 2016: Deadline for all written self-assessments

11 May 2016: ITSPA Awards 2016 ceremony


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ITSPA, the industry body representing the VoIP and next generation communications industry is accepting entries for the 2016 ITSPA Awards.

The Awards are into their eighth year and are free to enter for all representatives of the VoIP industry, including non-ITSPA members. The awards ceremony will take place at The Deck in the National Theatre, Central London on Wednesday 11th May 2016.

Eli Katz, Chair of the ITSPA Council said, “I am delighted that nominations for the eight ITSPA Awards are now up and running. The event has proved ever more popular and competitive year on year and this is reflective of the growing maturity of our industry, in a telecoms market that is changing rapidly.”

Linus Surguy, Technical Director of Magrathea, sponsors of the 2016 Awards, said, “The awards has become a focal point in the industry calendar and Magrathea are delighted to continue its longstanding support of this very popular event. We encourage all companies to participate in the nomination process and look forward to welcoming everyone to the Deck next year!”

The award categories for this year are:

  • Best Consumer VoIP

  • Best Business ITSP (Small Enterprise)

  • Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise)

  • Best Business ITSP (Corporate)

  • Best VoIP CPE

  • Best VoIP Infrastructure

  • Best VoIP Innovation

  • ITSPA Members’ Pick

  • ITSPA Council Pick

To enter the awards, companies should select the category or categories they wish to enter, and register for nominations here.

Malden Electronics will conduct the technical testing for three award categories: Best Consumer VoIP; Best Business ITSP (Small Enterprise); and Best Business (Medium Enterprise). Entrants in these categories will undergo two months of technical testing as well as submitting a written entry submission. The deadline to enter the testing phase for these categories is Friday 11th December 2015.

All award categories, except the ITSPA Members’ Pick and ITSPA Council will also be judged on a written self-assessment of their entry which should be submitted by Friday 18th March 2016.

The winners will be chosen by a panel of independent experts, based on the results of the technical testing (for those categories relevant) as well as the written self-assessments.

The ITSPA Awards 2016 testing partners:

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