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We are The Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association -the voice of advanced communications.
Officially launched in December 2004, ITSPA aims to promote competition and self-regulation in order to encourage the development of a flourishing and innovative VoIP industry.

ITSPANext Event:

ITSPA Autumn Workshop

8th October 2014
at: 3.15pm

Convergence Summit South
Sandown Park  

Telecom Fraud - Part 2 - 'Prevention is Better than the Cure'

This session is intended to provide attendees with an overview of the current fraud threats facing the Telecoms/VoIP industry, outlining its scale and discussing the ways to mitigate against these problems before it is too late. Looking from all angles (service provider, reseller and vendor perspective), there will be short presentations from various industry players, outlining their experiences, followed by a panel and Q&A session to discuss the best methods of combatting fraudulent activity and best practice tips.

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ITSPA Awards 2014

ITSPA announced the winners of its 6th annual awards. The reception took place the Altitude events space within the Millbank Tower, central London and was hosted by Dr Julian Huppert MP, Vice Chair of the Parliamentary Internet Communications and Technology Forum. The awards were presented in 8 categories that represent the range and scope of the VoIP and Unified Communications industry in Britain. The winners and finalists are listed below.

Award Winners:

Best Consumer VoIP: Localphone
Best Business ITSP (Small Enterprise): Gradwell Communications
Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise): Telappliant
Best Business ITSP (Corporate): Node4
Best VoIP CPE: Polycom - VVX 600 Business Media Phone with VVX Camera and VVX Expansion Module
Best VoIP Infrastructure: GENBAND - QUANTiX QFlex
Best VoIP Innovation: Voipfone - GeoDivert® Smartphone App
ITSPA Members' Pick: Web RTC

Highly Commended:

Best Business ITSP (Small Enterprise): Soho66
Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise): Orbtalk
Best VoIP CPE: snom - 7xx Series
Best VoIP Infrastructure: Babelisk - Bdeye billing software
Best VoIP Innovation: Soho66 - Quvu

Entrants to all categories had to complete a written self-assessment, which were independently reviewed by the ITSPA Awards judges. In addition, Malden Electronics conducted the technical testing for three award categories: Best Consumer VoIP; Best Business ITSP (Small Enterprise); and Best Business (Medium Enterprise). Entrants in these categories underwent two months of technical testing as well as submitting written entries. Separately, The ITSPA Members' Pick was a selected from a shortlist of suggestions from membership, who they believed had provided real value or support to the industry. This was to be voted on at event this evening.

Eli Katz, ITSPA Chairman, said, "Congratulations to all the winners and to those companies highly commended. The success of the awards is a reflection of the efforts of ITSPA and its work continues at pace! We have a number of live initiatives around various issues including net neutrality, nuisance calls, provisioning and VoIP security which are keeping us busy. All our work is geared to promoting our industry and ensuring our members are fully kept up to speed on both threats, opportunities and new developments. This industry is certainly maturing and we welcome all VoIP companies to join ITSPA, help add their expertise and enjoy the benefits from being part of the industry association"

Linus Surguy, Technical Director from Magrathea, said, "Its again been pleasing to see a great uptake in entrants from all areas of the VoIP industry, showing that this event is firmly established within the industry calendar. Magrathea are thrilled to continue its support of ITSPA and the Awards and congratulate the winners on their success"

The 2014 ITSPA Awards were open to all those in the VoIP space, including those who were not members of ITSPA.

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Given the rapid growth of the VoIP community in the UK and the many regulatory issues involved, ITSPA’s founding members realised the urgent need for a trade association to help promote and represent the interests of the industry. The ITSPA has therefore been set up to act as the representative voice of the industry to UK Government bodies such as the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, the Home Office and Ofcom, as well as to the European Commission and other European institutions. The association will also encourage the innovation and development of the Internet Telephony industry through the promotion of self-regulation and competition.



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